The revitalization of Mississauga Ontario's premier public space by CS&P Architects unites the factious spaces of the existing Civic Square and the adjacent Library Square. The project attempts to resolve the challenge of developing a lively and active pedestrian environment in a highly sub-urbanized context. Drawing on inspirational projects such as New York's Bryant Park and Chicago's Millenium Park this revitalization attempts to infuse public space with both energetic program and spectacle in order live up to its identity as a social and cultural destination.

The project's improvements center around expanding the scope of possible civic activities by uniting two squares into one. Popular existing programs such as the seasonal skating rink and outdoor amphitheater are given a more visible identity in the square and are reconfigured to accommodate the city's growing population. New programs such as a massive interactive media installation, permanent stage, and space for informal markets provide new opportunities for community activities to emerge on the square in order to better unite the city's diverse population demographic.

Existing Site